Team Foundation Server, Reporting Services, SharePoint; Almost but not Enough

In a previous entry, I stated I was using SharePoint and Reporting Services with Integrated mode. After that was finally successful, I wanted to connect Team Foundation 2010 (TFS) with this SharePoint installation.

I wanted to make this all work since the SharePoint sites for TFS are great for collaboration and keeping track of things. I successfully connect TFS with SharePoint. So now for each project in TFS, there is a corresponding SharePoint site. Then I run into a problem. Apparently, the standard reports that come with TFS don’t like SharePoint integrated mode Reporting Services. Seems to be a problem with the TFS Web Parts for SharePoint wanting the reports to be on a Native Mode Reporting Server.

Oh well, for now I’ll shelve this plan but I’m sure I’ll come back to it eventually. There has to be something I’m missing right?

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