New Mobile Device and Syncing Google Calendar

Every time I change mobile devices, after setup, on the new device I can only see my calendar but not any calendars that are shared out to me. Since I always forget how to fix it, the purpose of this post is to post where to find how to fix this problem. First, Google has a starting point at the following link (until the link dies):

As of the date of this post, the link has information about how to sync calendars with a mobile device. It has links for mobile browsers, Android, and Apple (iOS). For mobile browsers, they basically say to go to or if you are a Google Apps user. I assume most people who have a smartphone or tablet won’t use this option though so that leads to the next option. For Android users, it’s fairly simple (as it should be since Android is a Google product) and is slightly different depending on if you have a phone or tablet and also depending on what version of Android the device is running. Even with the slight variation, the setting can be made either by going to the Android system settings or from the menu on any Calendar screen, super easy. Last option they offer is iOS. For iOS, go to the settings of the Google account, make sure Calendar option is turned on, then go to or if you are a Google Apps user. Once there, select the calendars you would like to sync and click the save button. It states for this option for iOS devices, you have to run iOS 3 or higher.

What’s missing on their page is what to do regarding Windows Phone. Well, the same instructions that work for iOS will also work for Windows Phone and most likely any other device that supports CalDAV.

Now the next time I change mobile devices, I know where to go find my answer.