Do You Have Virus Protection?

If you don’t have Virus Protection or if you want Virus Protection that won’t make your computer slow, then try Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), located here (until the link dies).

In the past, I used various free anti-virus programs and realized that after some time, these programs kept getting more bloated, slowing down the computers they were installed on. Then Microsoft came along and released MSE and changed everything.

Since then, every home computer I see that has expired virus protection or some of the free bloated anti-virus programs, I remove them and use MSE. I like this program because it just works and doesn’t get in the way. It also doesn’t slow down the computer.

This program works just as good or better than some of the other programs that cost money. Since it is such a good virus program, Windows users should at least have this on their machines to help protect them from viruses if nothing else. Having virus protection will save lots of time and money by not having to lose files or pay for someone to fix the damage viruses have done.

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